airdry VANILLA FRESH, ICE FRESH or CLASSIC Car-Dehumidifier

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airdry VANILLA FRESH, ICE FRESH and CLASSIC car-dehumidifier with high moisture absorbtion and pleasant fragrances.

  • Emits a pleasant fragrance for weeks
  • Can be dried and used again
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Moisture absorption: about 800 ml
  • Dimensions: about 37x16x9 cm

How it works:

Breathing, ventilation, heating, air conditioning and external influences such as rain and sunlight cause extreme air changes in vehicles within minutes, often resulting in condensation and misted windows. airdry responds by continuously absorbing excess moisture from the air. This prevents fungus, rust, mould stains and musty odours. 

Windows quickly clear or do not mist up at all.

Like a sponge, airdry draws and then locks in moisture using the contained action granules (non-dripping system). In addition, airdry ICE and VANILLA FRESH gives your vehicle pleasant fragrances for weeks. Up to 800 ml water is absorbed through the surface of the product. Depending on vehicle size, temperature and prevailing humidity, airdry is effective for up to four months.

After this time or when airdry reaches a weight of 1.8 kg, it is recommended to restore airdry to its unsaturated weight of approx. 1.2 kg.

Moreover, airdry conditions room air. It absorbs moisture from the air at detrimental levels of 60 percent relative humidity and above. When surrounding air is very dry, moisture is released back again. Thus, airdry works only when humidity is too high and regulates room air conditions during changing levels of humidity. 

Instructions for use:

Remove the outer plastic bag to activate airdry VANILLA FRESH. The fragrance releases after 24 - 48 hours of activation. The upper side of airdry is made from a non-woven fabric which becomes noticeably damp through moisture absorption. The underside is made of plastic, preventing moisture from being transferred downwards. 

Place the bag, plastic side down, in a suitable location in the vehicle. Weigh the bag to determine whether the saturation limit of 1.8 kg has been reached.

Please note: airdry can slip while driving. Before setting off, protect vehicle occupants and other road users by placing airdry where it cannot slide around or enter the driver´s footwell.


airdry can be placed on a radiator or in an airing cupboard to dry and regenerate. airdry releases its moisture over an extended period of time. This may take a few days or weeks depending on saturation. After regeneration a dry weight of approx. 1.2 kg is to be expected. The fragrance is not regenerative. 

Your benefits:

Moisture absorption

Can absorb up to 80% of its own weight from ambient air, equating to 800 ml of water.

Effective duration

Effective for about 4 months thanks to high absorption capacity.


Can be used again and again! Dry on a radiator or in an airing cupboard to regenerate.

Pleasant fragrance

Emits a pleasant fragrance for weeks.


Absorbed moisture does not leak onto surrounding objects, even when saturated.

Environmentally friendly

airdry contains natural granules made of clay, salt and starch.

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