Cabin Pollen Filter - 452 roadster & 454 forfour

Code: ADC42508 Brand: Blueprint


Something often disregarded or forgotton about;  all smarts with air-con tend to have these as standard but they can be fitted to any smart and really should be changed every couple of years.

The air adjacent to our roads and motorways can contain large quantities of natural dust, agricultural chaff and pollen in addition to other contaminants such as brake and tyre dust, soot and carbon from cars and trucks. These contaminants combine with fumes and gases produced by internal combustion engines to make the air we breathe potentially unhealthy.

More and more people are suffering from allergies and are increasingly aware of the benefits of air conditioning and cabin filters. As a result, many vehicles leave the factory already fitted with cabin filters and this trend is significantly increasing.

Cabin filters remove virtually all pollen and other unwanted particles, as well as harmful gases from the air, thus ensuring a better atmosphere inside the vehicle. This is particularly beneficial for people suffering from allergies, asthma, and particularly important to safeguard children.

Really good for hayfever sufferers!

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