Smart Fortwo Towbar - 450/451 fortwo

Code: 450451TOW Brand: Smart Stuff


Towbar to fit all smart fortwo (1998 - 2014) all mounting bolts and a standard 50mm towball. The optional electrics kit contains a socket, seal kit, screws, cable, terminal clips and a smart specific wiring diagram.
There is also the option of an audible relay unit for adding to the indicator circuit at the rear.
The 451 model includes additional extension brackets which can also be purchased separately for those wishing to upgrade from their previous 450 purchase.

Once fitted the towbar protrudes very neatly between the join of the rear centre section and rear valance. Both the 450 and the 451 models require a cutout into the valance to accept the towball mounting point and fit very neatly between the two panels with minimal intrusion.

Recommended Limits (NOT LEGAL - see below)
The 450 is suitable for towing a small trailer upto 330Kg with a 30Kg nose weight.

The 451 is suitable for towing a small trailer upto 450Kg with a 40Kg nose weight.

Made in the UK for Smart Sport.

Available from stock for immediate despatch.

Also available, our new option of a two-cycle tow-ball mounted cycle rack. Superb quality and perfect for those quick getaways at the weekend. Stows neatly in the boot when not in use.

  • Towball monted 2 cycle carrier
  • Max 35kgs
  • Clamps directly onto 50mm towball
  • Quick release handle
  • Anti bike theft provision


Q: Can I legally tow with a smart fortwo?

A: NO YOU CANNOT legally tow with a smart fortwo.

Q: But I have a 2008-2013 model smart. Surely I can tow with this?

A: NO YOU CANNOT legally tow with a smart fortwo.

Q: But another company are offering a towbar that has obtained homogenisation for it on a smart so surely that means I can tow with my smart fortwo?

A: NO YOU CANNOT legally tow with a smart fortwo.

Q: Why not?

A: See below...

To clarify the towing dilemma. Below you will see an example of a 451 smart fortwo vin plate and another of a random vehicle. Note on the random vehicle there are the two axle weights (980kg & 980kg) plus also the gross vehicle weight (GVW) (1770kg) and what is referred to as the gross train weight (3070kg). The latter being its official towing capability, specifically you may tow another vehicle with this one having a GVW of no more than 1300kg (3070 - 1770 = 1300) to bring the total train weight (the combined weight of both vehicles) to 3070kg. Note that if a towing device is used to help tow the vehicle then the weight of this also has to be a factor within the gross train weight.

On the smart vin plate you will see that other than the two axle weights there is only one other weight, 1020kg representing the GVW. This means that without another (plated/stated) weight on the smart then this also represents its total train weight meaning you can (legally speaking) only tow with it if the total train weight does not exceed 1020kg (if your vin plate says anything different we would be interested to know). 

Therefore, contrary to the opinion of some individuals/companies, you have (legally) no allowance for towing with a smart. There is one company who have somehow obtained homogenisation for their towbar (in Germany) but this does not automatically mean that the smart is then approved for towing it is just that the product has been tested and is considered suitable to do its job; the product, not the car!

However, in Switzerland (not in EU) and the USA the smart is permitted to tow up to 450kg with a 40kg nose weight. Hence, our recommended towing limits are based on these figures.

That is how it stands from a legal perspective in the EU - it does not mean we agree with it, but from a retail perspective it does mean that we have to sell our towbars for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY or for use with a bike rack. Having said that we have a number of customers who do tow with the smart (both 450 & 451) and no-one (to our knowledge) to date has experienced any problems with the powers that be at home or abroad. We even know of one person that has obtained specific insurance to cover him for towing so read into that what you will!


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